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‘8 Lines’ at Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough

20 June - 1 August 2019

A Saturation Point project curated by Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock.

©Copyright Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hancock  All rights reserved.

8 Artists |  8 Lines of enquiry

THE NUMBER 8: The atomic number of oxygen, the bits in a byte, the primary planets in our solar system, the vertices in a cube…

In the exhibition 8 Lines, a group of eight artists responded to the number eight through a diverse range of drawing processes. They explored the figurative, notional, mathematical, geometrical, and cultural signifiers of the number eight, considering visual systems, form and structure through drawing.

The artists developed a personal line of enquiry that extended their experiences of using the drawn line in their individual practices, each of which encompasses drawing in various ways – planning, mapping, thinking, intervening, marking, executing - to create new work. Use of materials and approaches to the subject differed, but each artist considered how acts of drawing contribute to a wider understanding of divergent artistic practices.

Richard Serra’s declaration that “Drawing is a verb, not a noun”, suggests that drawing is a ‘doing ‘thing rather than a static activity, and is a way to exemplify the artist’s relationship with drawing as a tool for active engagement and response.

The exhibition enables each artist to examine the generative capacity of drawing within their own practice, resulting in eight different ways to use the drawn line to explore a shared theme: 8 Lines.

Artists: Duncan Bullen, Rachael Clewlow, Ben Gooding,  Nick Kennedy, Francesca Simon,

Wendy Smith, Mary Yacoob

Mary Yacoob, Octagon, site-specific vinyl window installation 365 cm total x 274cm

Duncan Bullen, Greyscale 001, pencil on paper, 50x50cm 2019

Duncan Bullen, Greyscale 002, pencil on paper, 50x50cm 2019

Nick Kennedy, Truth Plotter series, 2019. mechanical electrical installation

Francesca Simon, Discovery Bay, 2019, pigment marker and acrylic on card and polyester drawing film, 34 x 43cm

Morrissey & Hancock, Tracery, TQID series, 2019, acrylic, marker pen on panel, 122cm x 122cm

Mary Yacoob, Octagon, detail