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A New Dictionary of Art

Edited by Robert Good

Published October 2017 by Peculiarity Press

Foreword by Prof Derek Matravers

"Both splendid and splendidly bonkers" - Professor Derek Matravers, philosopher.

The definition of ‘art’ has exercised philosophers, artists and art-lovers for centuries, yet we are no nearer a consensus of what in fact it is. The one term not found in most dictionaries of art is the term ‘art’ itself.

A New Dictionary of Art takes a refreshingly alternative approach, allowing you to take your pick from over 3,000 definitions compiled from the internet via chat-rooms and discussion forums as well as from more established authorities, artists and institutions. Passions run high as formal sits alongside informal, jocular alongside vulgar: all are left to fight it out on the page.

Each entry is carefully alphabetised and has been valiantly edited and annotated for accuracy and completeness to the point of absurdity. By retaining the format and formality of a dictionary in this way, A New Dictionary of Art acknowledges with humour our continuing desire for absolute knowledge and certainty.

The result is a streetwise cacophony of creativity and a wonderful and energizing summation of all the potentials that art can be.

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