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Imperfect Reverse | Curated by Laurence Noga and Saturation Point Projects

at Camberwell Space Projects, Wilson Road, London SE5 8LU

18 October – 18 November 2016

Dominic Beattie, Andrew Bick, Katrina Blannin, Jane Bustin, Richard Caldicott, Simon Callery, Colin Cina, Nathan Cohen, Chris Daniels, Natalie Dower, Tim Ellis, Julia Farrer, Sharon Hall, Hanz Hancock, Andrew Harrison, Sue Kennington, Michael Kidner, Sylvia Lerin, Marta Marcé, Ian Monroe, Patrick Morrissey, Laurence Noga, David Oates, Andrew Parkinson, Charley Peters, Carol Robertson, Wendy Smith, Dan Sturgis, Trevor Sutton, Kate Terry, Estelle Thompson, Finbar Ward.

Catalogue (pdf)

Flowers Gallery

UAL | Imperfect Reverse Symposium

UAL | Imperfect Reverse

Anglia Ruskin | Imperfect Reverse

Andrew Bick OGVDS-GW #7, 2016. acrylic, pencil, oil paint, watercolour and wax on linen on wood. 76 x 64 x 3 cm

Andrew Harrison Untitled, 2016, Perspex on board

Carol Robertson Star Time #4, 2015, oil on canvas

Charley Peters MergeDown_2.0, 2016, acrylic on panel

Chris Daniels, Comminuo XIII, 2016, oil and acrylic on canvas

Daniel Sturgis Newer Older, 2015, acrylic on canvas

David Oates, Untitled, 2013, charcoal

Estelle Thompson, Lighten up Yourself, 2016, oil on board

Finbar Ward Untitled (In Waiting series), 2016, oil and enamel on linen

Jane Bustin, Rose, 2015, oil, acrylic, polyurethane, copper

Jonathan Parsons, Chromaticity, (3) 2016, oil on linen

Laurence Noga, Six works, 2015, acrylic and collage on panel

Marta Marcé, Now & Ever 38, 2016, acrylic on canvas,
40 x 40 cm. Courtesy Riflemaker Gallery

Natalie Dower, 3 Triangle Double Square No.1, 2016. Oil on canvas. 66 x 132 cm. courtesy of Eagle Gallery

Patrick Morrissey TQID series, 2016, acrylic on panel

Nathan Cohen In Sight, 2005, pigment and casein on cut panel

Richard Caldicott Untitled #1, 2015, #3, 2014, #13, 2014, #13, 2016, collage

Simon Callery, Punctured Chromium Oxide Flat Painting, 2014-5, distemper, canvas, wood, thread, pencil, aluminium rail and bolts

Tim Ellis Untitled in Different Guises, 2014, acrylic and varnish on cotton

Colin Cina, Equinox, 1975, acrylic on canvas, 240 × 240 cm | Courtesy of Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London ( UAL )

Installation shot

Installation shot