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Perpetual Arrival  

Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough. 28 Sept - 9 Nov 2023

Curated by Eric Butcher, Hanz Hancock and Patrick Morrissey

©Copyright Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hancock  All rights reserved.

Artists: Isabel Albrecht, Morrissey & Hancock, Silvia Lerin, David Batchelor, Rana Begum, Eleanor Wood, Thomas Vinson, Nathan Cohen, Mikael Fagerlund, Andy Harper, Michael Samuels, Jyll Bradley, Mark Francis, Eric Butcher, Eric Cruikshank.  

For the artists in Perpetual Arrival the creative process is a continuum punctuated by a series of moments, or ‘arrivals’, when circumstances converge to result in something which is generally agreed to constitute a work of art. We pursue our lines of enquiry, research our subject matter, marshal our evidence, manipulate and explore our materials, work on projects and proposals. Periodically we arrive at something which is often treated as though it were a conclusion, but for many of us this is just one point of arrival among a lifetime of similar arrivals and departures. We move on to create other points of arrival. Arrivals can act as a break, a chance to take stock, to stand back and learn from the intervening time and process. Then we move on.

Processes take place: the division of a shape, the use of a numbering system, the continual use of a tool to make a mark, the subtle changes made to alter a visual outcome, the accumulation of experience passed from one object to another. Perpetual Arrival is about an investigation that never ends, sometimes linear, sometimes circular, and the points of arrival and departure on the way; the process, repetition, development and tentative conclusion. Not a full stop, more of a ‘working hypothesis’ and the inevitable moving on.

All images courtesy of Rachel Deakin