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The Auxilliary, Middlebrough,  17 January - 8 February 2020

©Copyright Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hancock  All rights reserved.

Saturation Point projects was given the opportunity to collaborate with Auxilary Space, Middlesbrough, in presenting an exhibition showcasing the work of regional artists whose practice is situated within the remit of non-objective, systems and related work in the UK. Sculpture, drawing, painting and printmaking were represented in the exhibition.

Each artist reacted to the physical characteristics of Auxiliary Arts Project’s gallery environment and considered the life of the art object when  contextualised outside the ideological space of the ‘white cube’. Saturation Point’s ‘SLOW BURN’ acts as a fulcrum where artworks expand into a notional consideration of space beyond the modern tradition of the art gallery. This analysis of alternative spaces suggests a reflection on the vocabulary of territories, institutions, boundaries, and their related systems of inclusion and exclusion, representation and de-presentation.

As the title suggests, the works gradually reveal characteristics associated with the traditions of international non-representational / non-objective practice which is not typically associated with the UK .

The artists included were:

Deb Covell, Saltburn on Sea

Jost Munster, London

Melissa Hartley, Harrogate

Luke Frost, Cornwall

Jo McGonigal, Manchester

Nick Kennedy, Middlesbrough

Theresa Poulton, Tyne and Wear

Alan Hathaway, Tyne and Wear

Morrissey and Hancock, London, Cornwall

Matthew Tyson, France

Nick Kennedy

Alan Hathaway

Alan Hathaway + Luke Frost

Theresa Poulton

Melissa Hartley + Jost Munster

Deb Covell

Melissa Hartley

Jo McGonigal

Luke Frost

Jost Munster

Matthew Tyson

Morrissey / Hancock