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Sunday Salon 10 | Temporal Objects

Ian Boutell, Philip Cole, Stig Evans, Della Gooden, Morrissey & Hancock, Patrick O’Donnell

31 May - 14 June 2020

A Saturation Point project curated by Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock. A salon without guests; a consequence of pandemic.

©Copyright Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hancock  All rights reserved.

Della Gooden: Rue III and Rue VI, 2020

Stig Evans:

These drawings were made under lockdown. They are based on turned-off screens, an absence of image, a dead space but also a latent one.

Stig Evans

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Pause Play: Ian Boutell, 2020

‘There is an inclination to create smooth space, just as water flows, erodes and moves material, finding fissures and new channels in which to operate. It is thus an active metaphor of the middle ground where most comings and goings happen. There is no start nor ending.’    

Ian Boutell

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‘These pieces are a footnote in the overall accounting. They existed as possibilities alongside an infinite number of potential possibilities - it’s just that this week, I happened to make them real…’   

Della Gooden

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CV91145 - CV91148: Patrick O’Donnell, 2020

‘My current ‘lockdown’ body of work resonates with notions of the past and future, operating as mental constructs with no object reality in the world… Each set or group of ‘COVID’ works have been produced using an analogous arc of hues which create a sequential transition from one hue to the next, overlaid on a grey shape.’      

Patrick O’Donnell

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Philip Cole, A Moment 2.0 - 3, 2020

‘So, here is the starting point for a series of collages, the screen is my window, but my search engine stutters and in doing so provides an alternate vision, albeit only for a moment.’  

Philip Cole

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Lockdown Graphite 1 and 2: Stig Evans, 2020