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Sunday Salon 16  |  Matthew Tyson  | Following on

19-20 February 2022

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Artist Ian Tyson died on  2nd October 2021. His son Matthew has made a number of works since then which relate to his late father.

The starting point was a piece of wood that Matthew found, into the sides of which his father had made a number of cuts. Matthew used these interventions to create a work, using this wood, and also a number of works on paper that connect to a small sculptural piece by his father.

The idea is that the works presented in this exhibition are a journey between one sculptural element and the other.

This journey helped Matthew to better understand his father's recent work and how it connected to his own practice. It is also a tribute to the way in which one element can influence the other, and how visual works can create an active conversation between themselves.

Memory. Creativity. Gesture and Meaning.